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Harrington HR Services


HR Helpline

Sometimes organisations have no need or cannot afford dedicated on-site HR resources but need the reassurance of having skilled, experienced and knowledgeable advice just a phone-call or email away. Harrington HR Services provides organisations with the back-up they need:

  • Dedicated HR telephone number available during office hours or 24/7 for quick queries
  • Dedicated Email mailbox for less urgent matters
  • Onsite consultancy where required to support disciplinary or grievance hearings etc
  • By-the-hour booked telephone support for discussion of more in-depth issues such as case management of sickness absence etc
  • Access to our network of specialist suppliers e.g. lawyers or Occupational Health

  • Each service is supported by clear KPIs and SLAs defined with you to reflect the level of support you need and the budget you have. We strongly believe that one size doesn't fit all and our service reflects your organisation either by using our experience and brand or by seamlessly fitting into your organisation with a "white-label" offering.